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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Egalitarian Newspaper
Houston Community College
February 19-1992

(Note: Minor Edits to Grammar and In Body of Article Presidential Candidates Named).

Commentaries, letters and opinions

Media Censorship And American Politics 
By Silvia Stagg

      Recently, the major free access networks, i.e. CBS, NBC, ABC, have answered an FCC Notice of Inquiry and have requested greater access to the cable and video markets.
      It is the position of the major networks that due to the emerging Cable and Video Markets the major networks are taking a beating and meeting with financial difficulties.  Therefore, they are requesting that the FCC relax what they term 'outdated rules and regulations which do not apply to the needs of today's communications market.'
      It is the opinion of this writer that the only logical answer as to where the blame for their financial difficulties rest is on the shoulder of the major networks as they have historically enjoyed a monopoly in an enormous market. And have failed to offer a competitive product which keeps pace with the needs of an ever changing free society.   This problem by the way is very widespread throughout America today.  It challenges every American business to keep an eye on the needs of its consumers or else the consumer will rightfully and ultimately turn elsewhere. To other more satisfying alternatives, even if forced to pay extra for a particular service or product. 
      For the most part, the cable and video markets offer relief from the fast food mentality of the major networks, who still refuse to recognize, include and address the diversity of individuals and ideas which comprise our society today.  Thus, instead of meeting the challenge of todays' market, the Big Three Networks are embarking on a search and destroy mission against their smaller more avant-garde competitors.
      However, the most insidious practice, most harmful to the public's welfare and to our democratic system of government is media censorship. To which the remainder of this Editorial will address. 
      An alarming trend since the creation of a monopoly known as the News Election Service (AKA NES, devoted to compiling and disseminating election result information) was formed during the Kennedy administration by the major networks, CBS, NBC, ABC, as well as UPI and AP.  It operates as the exclusive gathering and reporting of vote results for all Campaign Elections including Independent and Third Party Candidates.   The Anti Trust Division of the US Department of Justice during its consideration as to whether or not to award an exemption to NES was concerned that NES would interpret the news instead of reporting it.  This is why, the Anti Trust Divsion before awarding this exemption was promised by the promoters and founders of NES during mutual administrative correspondence that they would REPORT the news and not INTERPRET it.
      This writer believes that it is in the best interests of the American public to repeal that exemption because NES failed to live up to this original promise.  The Anti Trust Division never gave NES permission to interpret, alter or make up the news for the American viewing and voting public and elections results, and it if had it would be unconstitutional and clearly not int he best interests of the American public,  not to mention contrary tot he favorite argument frequently employed by the media that the public has the right to know.  It is not the media's right to or place to define the parameters of the public's right to know, that remains the people's right to decide.
      Furthermore, the media enjoys a privilege of access to government officials as well as the corporate structure in our country and throughout the world.  And acts as an intermediary between them and common individuals and therefore has an obligation to report news in an accurate, unbiased and uncensored manner.   I would argue the the public's right to know is more important than the First Amendment argument that the media uses as an excuse to censor important campaign election information as well as other information concerning our domestic and foreign policies (including CIA operations), which the public has not only a right, but a resposibility as citizens to keep abreast of, and depends on the media in which to do so.  By controlling dissemination of such information the media can and actually does control who gets elected and who does not since television is and will continue to be the most expedient and effective mass communications medium of all time.
      Yet, despite the protest of thousands beforehand, during the 1988 national elections, NES interpreted the news by determing what was in their opinion news worthy or significant to the American public! NES determined that all third party candidates such as those of the Libertarian Party (Ron Paul Presidential Candidate 1988 to date), the Populist Party (David Duke/Bo Gritz Presidential Candidates 1988-1992) and the New Alliance Party (Dr. Lenora Fulani 1992), the three largest third parties in America were not news worthy or significant!  The method that NES used during the 1988 national elections divided equally  the third party national election percentage resultsand then added these results to both the Republican  and Democratic results totalling the results on the television screen to equal 100%, with no further explanation, giving the viewing and voting public the impression that there were no third party election results, that all of those who voted, voted either for Republican or Democratic Candidates!
      To add further insult to injury the governmental bureaus which disseminate election results to the public uses and is restricted to the NES election return results because they do not have an independent ongoing system of disseminating election results to the public, so they in turn elevate NES to a quasi governmental entity, creating another monopoly amidst a monopoly, clearly infringing upon the public's constitutional rights and voting franchise, not to mention interfering with the public's right to know.
      However, this practice backfired, and was met with outrage, lawsuits, letters from Congressman, political organizations and individuals around the country requesting and demanding that the Big Three Networks as well as CNN cease such undemocratic practices excluding coverage of Third Party and Independent Candidates, their campaign and election results. Already CNN has at least attempted to minimally cover some third party candidates, such as Dr. Lenora Fulani of the New Alliance Party, and Nacy Lord of the Libertarian Party. Though still avoiding coverage of others, such as the National Populist Party.  How thorough the 1992 campaign election coverage will be remains to be seen. 
     The TV networks including CNN are still relying on sensationalism and exploitation of sexist/racist issues for increased ratings, as well as promoting political terms and ideologies without explanation such as 'The New World Order' which sounds suspicious and menacing to the very least.
     And the term which Patrick Buchanan has been labled as an 'Isolationist.'  I assume that is what someone is called whenever he or she does not believe that the US should annihilate over 100,000 Iraqi men, women and children, destroying an entire country, leaving the remaining children to starve because once again our CIA bungled another covert operation! 
     In Holland, all national party candidates receive equal access to television coverage regardless of their political views.  The U.S. media (as well as our government) responds in a manner reminiscent of George Orwells' 1984 where there are thought crimes, public ridicule and punishment for not having the accepted political thought of the brainwashed majority.
     It is necessary therefore to inform oneself, become involved, write letters to ones' House and Senate Representatives, and most importantly get out and vote.  Never forget that each vote does indeed count if for only to send a message.  For it is in the hearts and minds of the young, the educated, the courageous to keep forever alive the tenents on which this great country was formed without which the American Dream will remain exactly that - a beautiful dream... 

For Further Information on some of the alternative Republicans, Democratic and Third Party Candidates as well as to receive a copy of their Political Platform contact the following:

1) Patrick Buchanan
    Buchanan For President
    8130 Boon Blvd. Suite 110
    Vienna Virginia, 22182
    Tel: 703/790-9292  Texas: 512/266-2481
2) Jerry Brown
    Jerry Brown For President
    2121 Cloverfield Blvd. 3120
    Santa Monica, Calif. 90404
    Tel: 213/449-1922 Fax: 213/449-1903

3)  Dr. Lenora Fulani
     Fulani For President
     New Alliance National Headquarters
     2032 5th Avenue
     New York, New York 10035
     Tel: 212/996-4700 Texas: 512/479-9419

4)  Andre Marou
     Andre Marou For President
     and Nancy Lord For Vice President
     National Campaign Headquarters
     P.O. Box 12417
     Las Vegas, Nevada 89112
     In Las Vegas: 702/-434-6362

5)  Bo Gritz
     Bo Gritz For President
     National Campaign Headquarters For America
     First Coalition
     Jacksonville, Florida
     In Jacksonville Florida: 904/573-0707 
     Texas: 512/257-4790
     Bo Gritz Campaign For President
     Cy Minett, Campaign Coordinator For Texas
     140 Ensino Drive
     Kerrville, Texas 78028

6)  To Receive More Information On The Libertarian Party
      Contact The Following:
      Harris County Libertarian Party
      P.O. Box 27932
      Houston, Texas 77227
      Contact: John Kormylo
      Tel: 713/772-8416

7)   To Receive More Information On The Populist Party
       Contact The Following:
       Populist Party National Headquarters
       P.O. Box 1992
       Ford City, Pennsylvania 16226
       Tel: 412/763-1225 1/800-633-7692

End of Article by Silvia Stagg


Marrou to speak

      Andre Marrou, Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, will be speaking on Tuesday Feb. 25 at 7p.m., at the Westin Hotel in the Galleria on Alabama Street.  Marrou will also be interviewed on the John Mathews Talk Show on KPRC radio on the same day Tuesday Feb 25, at 11 a.m.
End of Article by Silvia Stagg


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